Genvuu - A Gentoo™ meta-meta fork!

»VUUs of the great init wars, unite! For Freedom, for Justice!«

This is Genvuu, a Gentoo™ meta-meta fork.

During the great init wars it became apparent that a far greater wicked deed has infested Gentoo™—a malignance so deeply rooted in the hearts of the Gentoo™ developer community that only a fork can purge it: the perverse ideas that every Gentoo™ user would want to use the handbook for installation, and (even worse), that all readers of the handbook actually want to install Gentoo™!

Therefore, the VUU (Veteran Unix User) syndicate, created this fork to preserve handbook and installation freedom. It consists of the following handbook amendment.

For Freedom, for Justice!

We accept meta donations!

Genvuu Installation Manual version v0.1g

You have the following options:

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